I’ve been invited to join Doggie Sweets in Pier Village, NJ to be part of their Ask the Expert Series on Saturday, May 20th. The focus will be on massage therapy for dogs: when to book a session, how massage works with dogs, and of course, the benefits!

This is a great opportunity if you’ve ever been on the fence or wondered if a massage session would be good for your dog. Bring your dog, shop the amazing products, and ask your questions!

Animal massage is deliberate and focused touching, with each stroke being specific in pressure, direction, and intention. The manipulation of muscles and skin promotes various physiological, neurological, and psychological effects in the animal’s body, supporting physical and emotional wellness by removing interference to the soft tissue and creating stabilization of the vertebrae and organs as well as improved circulation and immune health. Massage supports homeostasis, the body’s natural desire for balance and is an important part of any animal’s wellness plan.