Dr. Madi and Heather came today to work on my Icelandic horse who’s been having a lameness issue. Turns out it was muscle-related which they pinpointed right away the initial spot and the other areas compensating for it. By the time they left he was moving much better! They also worked on my 2 and 14 y. o. Poodles and me. We are all thankful for their help and can’t wait to hit the trails!! Update: After 3 sessions with Heather and Dr. Madi my horse is 100% and we’re back on the trails with no restrictions. They also work on my dogs. Since my younger dog was spayed and gastropexy at 1.5 years old she’s had some incontinence issues peeing in her sleep. She’s been on PROIN daily and if I forget to give her a pill she has an accident. Heather and Madi said she was very tight in the abdominal area possibly from the surgery. After working on her once, I started slowly backing her off PROIN. She hasn’t had any accidents. She’s getting 1 pill every 3 days and I hope we can discontinue proin all together by the end of the month!

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