Sports massage provides a multitude of natural and holistic health benefits for your animal, both behavioral and physical. Sports massage uses the hands and fingers of the therapist to target tight muscles and acupressure points in your dog. We manipulate the soft tissue to loosen muscles, joints, tendons; increase blood flow and lymphatic activity; and reduce stress.

Sports massage is used in exercise warm-up; cool down; general maintenance; pre- and post- agility competition; and post-injury or rehabilitation of both working animals and pets.


Does your pet have arthritis? New rescue dog scared of people? Separation anxiety? New puppy? 

Massage can alleviate the behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms of pain or distress. More, it provides positive touch and desensitization as well as early detection of physical changes.


  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Speed wound healing
  • Restore mobility to injured muscle tissue
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Early detection of skin and health problems
  • Positive desensitization to touch

 My Office

Please join me in the office I share with the integrative veterinarian, Dr. Kendra Pope at 252 Broad Street, Suite 3 Red Bank, New Jersey 07701. Office hours by appointment only.


Please complete the New Client Form prior to your first appointment. Please make sure your dog has been walked prior to our session. We encourage owners to be in the room but other pets should be kept separate to aid relaxation and prevent distraction. Dogs may be unused to sports massage because it is different than petting and we work at your animal’s comfort level.


After your dog’s sports massage session your animal may need to go to the bathroom more frequently. This is normal and allows the body to continue to release toxins naturally. Please provide ample water. A short walk after our session will be beneficial to stretch their legs and allow for further tension release.


Regular massage provides the best results for your pet. Introductory, rehabilitative, and senior massage is recommended every 1-2 weeks. General maintenance and prevention is recommended and may be customized to your animal based on personality, activity level, and need.


*Disclaimer: Sports Massage and aromatherapy are complementary therapies that are meant to assist self- healing. These therapies are not a replacement for veterinary care. Massage professionals are not qualified to treat, diagnose, or give a prognosis of any injury or illness.  Consult your veterinarian for concerns with your animal's health.