Meet the AKC Fastest Dogs USA 2024 (Winston)

2023-12-16 Boston Terrier BoB Judging AKC National Orlando, FL (Best of Breed, Mikey and Margaret Noble).

Best of Breed from the 2023 Basenji Club of America. Filmed live in Auburn, WA on Thursday August 10th, 2023 (Veronica and Walter).

“Ruff” competition continues at Mt. Laurel Cluster Dog Show, July 29, 2023 (featuring clients Heather and T’ej), Fox 56 News.

Score crowned 2023 All-American Masters Agility Champion, Westminsters Agility Masters.

Meet Score, Westminster Agility Masters.

2023 MASTER AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIP (5 of my clients made it to the championships!)

Viral Video Of Dog Sprint Star Running 100-Yard Dash Is Paw-etry In Motion (featuring my client Winston the Whippet), Huffington Post.


“35 Fun Things to Do with Your Pet in New Jersey”, North Star Vets Pet Perspective

The Bow encourages a complete top line stretch and can be a fun trick!

Use Body Conditioning for the Horse and Rider to Get Back in Shape

The Plaid Horse April 9, 2021

How Equine Blogger Heather Wallace Built Brand Authority through Book Writing – Episode 004

The Leadline Podcast April 6, 2021

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The Power of Holistic Wellness with Animals, Vital Vet (shared from our blog)

person horseback riding outdoors

Get Off Your High Horse!, Holistic Horse Magazine