Proper alignment and balance means a heathy animal with lower rates of injury, lameness, or chronic problems. This isn’t just about relaxation. It’s about support for the body as a whole. Everything begins in the muscle.

It’s all about the muscles. If muscles are atrophied or are too tight, they do not stabilize the vertebrae or allow for proper movement.

Therapeutic massage focuses on making sure the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia are without adhesions and knots, keeping them supple for proper stabilization, and preventing pulls and injuries. Muscles that are properly aligned and stabilized can then support the vertebrae properly, resulting in increased straightness, performance, and long-term wellness.

What is Equine Sports Massage?

Sports massage provides a multitude of natural and holistic health benefits for your animal, both behavioral and physical. Sports massage uses the hands and fingers of the therapist to target tight muscles and acupressure points in your horse. We manipulate the soft tissue to loosen muscles, joints, tendons and fascia; increase blood flow and lymphatic activity; and reduce stress on the body and mind.

Your animal is an athlete! Sports massage is used in exercise warm-up; cool down; general maintenance; pre- and post- agility competition; and post-injury or rehabilitation of both working animals and pets.

More Techniques Offered:

In addition, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy are non-invasive techniques that are used in the session as needed by the practitioner. Each animal is evaluated and techniques are determined at that time of session.

Your Horse May Need Massage if they show the following signs:

  • Trouble bending.
  • Short-strided.
  • Girthy or cold-backed when saddling.
  • Reluctance to move forward during exercise.
  • Difficulty picking up leads.
  • Increased spookiness.
  • Uncharacteristic behavior: rearing, bucking, kicking, biting.
  • Head tossing.
  • Tendency for colic or tying up.
  • Mystery lameness.
  • Trouble focusing.
  • Stall rest.
  • Pre or post-surgery.
  • Pre or post- competition.


  • Remove knots, adhesions, and correctly position muscles and ligaments.
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Increase circulation.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Speed wound healing.
  • Restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Early detection of skin and health problems.
  • Positive desensitization to touch.
The whole body is addressed from poll to tail top to bottom Areas of particular inflammation or tension are then given cold laser therapy to further accelerate healing

All Sessions Include the Following:

  • Variety of massage techniques tailored to your pet including sports massage, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, trigger point, and more.
  • Stretching.
  • Cold laser therapy to target joints, tendons, wounds, and areas of increased tension and stimulate healthy blood flow.


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*Disclaimer: Sports Massage and equine bodywork are  complementary therapies that is meant to assist self- healing. These therapies are not a replacement for veterinary care. Massage professionals are not qualified to treat, diagnose, or give a prognosis of any injury or illness.  Please consult your veterinarian for concerns with your animal’s health.