Dr. Madelyn Rauch graduated from Life University in 2016 ready to bring chiropractic to spines of all kinds! Dr. Madi has always been passionate about animals, she attended Auburn University in pursuit of attending the veterinary medicine program there. After doing some research and soul searching, she realized she could help animals AND their humans in a more holistic way through chiropractic care! 

Equine Chiropractic New Jersey

Chiropractic care is most commonly thought of as a back pain, neck pain or headache fix, however it has a lot more to offer than that! Chiropractic care removes interference to your body’s main highway of communication, your central nervous system. Your brain communicates with every muscle, organ, tissue and cell in your body through spinal nerves that come off of the spinal cord, which is housed within your spinal column! Your central nervous system controls every action, thought and process that happens in your body. A chiropractor’s job is to find places in the body where that communication may be strained, and removes that interference so your body can communicate, adapt and change more efficiently! 

Dr. Madi has a lot of “tricks” up her sleeve, as she has studied many different techniques, that are gentle and specific neurologically based chiropractic! She utilizes bio-geometric integration to analyze you and your animals body’s as a whole structure that relies on all parts to work efficiently!