It’s One of the Amazing Benefits Though!

Relaxation is a wonderful reason to give your animal a massage session. But did you know that is the result of massage but not necessarily the primary goal?

In fact, massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to balance the soft tissue in the body to remove imbalance, increase proper blood flow, and relieve inflammation?

Puppies learn to trust humans touching them throughout their body which is wonderful for veterinary checkups

Think of it like nature’s perfect balancer for all things in the body.

Often we find that massage will have a cumulative effect. One session is wonderful, but when your animal receives massage on a regular basis, extraordinary things can happen. Their body patterns change over time and they learn to hold themselves symmetrically, mobility and flexibility improve, and inflammatory responses in the body such as swelling, arthritis, and other painful symptoms can be lessened. All of this, with the touch of a talented massage therapist trained in the anatomy of your animal.

More, massage therapy is well received by animals even when they are distrusting or sensitive. Why? Because a good practitioner will focus on fear free methods, small adjustments, allowing your animal to move away when they need time to process, and overall increasing positive associations with other’s touching their body. Many times the animals with the most tension are the ones who are defending themselves because they don’t want to show their discomfort. There is nothing more gratifying than taking the time it takes to build trust with an animal and have them come to you for help in future, because you’ve proven you can help them feel their best.

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