I love to give my client’s homework when it comes to things they can do with their horses between massage sessions. While therapeutic massage therapy is very different from petting or grooming, there are some things you as the owner can look for or help with at the barn.

As much as I would love to help your horse myself, I’m located in New Jersey and not able to get my hands-on as many animals as I would like, nor show you in person some tips and tricks. The result is an easy to follow, four-week email course containing videos and text to help you recognize and relieve tension at home.

Course Topics

Each week you will receive an email containing a video and text showcasing how you can recognize and relieve tension in your horse using both an animal that receives regular bodywork and an animal that has never received bodywork.

It’s important to see how progress can be made and that every horse responds differently.

Week #1: Recognizing Tension In Your Horse
Week #2: Basic Massage Techniques
Week #3: Stretching Safely
Week #4: Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

What You Will Learn

  • How to see tension in your horse with your eyes.
  • How to recognize tension and muscle tightness through touch.
  • Basic massage techniques to relax your horse.
  • Types of stretches that are safe for your horse and when to use them.
  • How to increase range of motion through stretching.
  • How to introduce essential oils to your horse for the first time.
  • How to determine if your horse needs an essential oil.
  • How to safely apply essential oils.

*This course is introductory only and not intended for professional use or to replace a professional bodywork session. If you have concerns about lameness or your horse’s health, always consult a veterinarian.

Would you love to see for yourself? Use the QR code below to register now for $149.99. You will retain access to the videos so you can watch them as often as you like!

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